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Outsourcing Services

Full Service Outsourcing
Full Transparency with detailed reporting.
No lock-in employment contracts.
Plug into our current system.
Reduced costs of labour.
Your team will be professionally managed.
No office equipment required.
We know the Philippines and the labour code.
You do not need to commit to a lease on office space.
You retain full control of your staff member.
We operate 24/7.

For companies looking to expand their workforce, the process of handling recruitment and human resource management can be quite challenging. Often, business owners have a challenging time dealing with matters such as record keeping, payroll accounting, risk management and employee benefits. If you need staff but cannot deal with the functions mentioned above, consider our full-service outsourcing service.

Our full-service solution is the preferred method of outsourcing for most companies around the globe. In this model, we find recruit and manage professional staff who will be 100% dedicated to your business and work directly with you from our office.

The offshore staffing process is very similar to how you would hire personnel locally. Together, we will discuss your hiring requirements and draft the detailed job profiles. Our Recruitment team will source, qualify and endorse candidates to you. You are free to screen and test the candidates in any way you deem necessary to reach a decision. In the end, you hand-pick who you want us to assign to your offshore team. Alternatively, you can rely on our judgment and experience, and let us take care of the entire screening and selection.

From here, we manage everything from human relations to payroll. We provide your staff with high-quality facilities, equipment, resources and benefits to ensure long-term staff retention.

Hiring staff offshore will enable you to focus on your core processes, your customers and growing your business.

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