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About Premier Outsourcing

About Premier Outsourcing

We are a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider with an office located in Pampanga Philippines. We are focused on cost-effective, remote staffing solutions for emerging businesses. We help companies large and small lower costs, increase efficiency and optimize processes with the primary goal of creating real, long-term value for them through their offshore staff.

Our Mission
Our mission is to attract the best possible staff to deliver a level of service in which exceeds all customers expectations. As a direct result, this will reduce your costs, improve your processes and help you build enduring value in your business over the long term.
People First
It is our staff and customers who make us successful. We take the time to listen, to understand and to offer the best advice possible. Let us know what matters to you, and it will matter to us.

We are committed to maintaining a culture of integrity. Premier Outsourcing infuses compliance and governance into every aspect of its business. It is this commitment that enables us to be trusted partners with our customers and staff, distinguishes us in the industry, and drives our success.


We aim to get better and better at what we do, from humble beginnings day by day, our services have improved to offer a better quality of service, it is our desire to improve and passion for what we do that have made Premier Outsourcing unique.

Our Facilities
Quality Outsourcing Solutions

Brand New

Premier Outsourcing have recently moved into our brand new state of the art premium office space. The office is complete with comfortable work stations, a board / training room and eating room.


24×7 Operations

Modern business is moving towards 24/7 operations as is the vital need when dealing with international clients. Premier Outsourcing facility operates 24/7 to ensure we can adhere to your business demands.


Prime Location

Premier Outsourcing is located inside the business centre at the iconic shopping centre SM Clark. The location provides easy access for all staff to get to and from work with major transport hubs only walking distance from our office. Surrounding the office there is plenty of restaurants and food stalls where our staff can eat and relax after a hard day of work.



Located in the SM Clark Tech Hub 6, the building is very secure. The office is located in SM Clark. There is security staff 24/7 at the front reception area and our office is fitted out with CCTV throughout. The safety of our staff is one of our biggest priorities.


Redundancy of Power

Let’s face it, the Philippines is a third world country and from time to time there are power outages. Ensuring that backup systems are installed are vital to keeping operations running. We are fully equipped for such instances to ensure that your business has a little downtime as possible. Premier Outsourcing is wired into the main infrastructure of the business prescient to ensure we have unlimited power and minimal downtime. We also have power packs (UPS -uninterruptible power supply) installed to each computer which ensure 30 minutes of power in the event of a blackout; this is more than enough time for the maintenance division to power up the generators.


Redundancy of Telecommunications

We realize that slow or intermittent internet connectivity will directly impact the productivity of your offshore personnel.It will also make it difficult or even impossible to coordinate with your offshore team. A reliable, high-speed connection is an essential component of our outsourcing solution. At Premier Outsourcing, we do not take any chances, which is why we use hardwired, dedicated leased lines and backup lines to ensure connectivity for our offices. We have invested into the best internet possible to ensure our connections are up and running as much as physically possible.

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