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We are like a recruitment company based in the Philippines. We source quality staff, house them and manage them on your behalf. Cost is very much dependent as to the wage expectations of the staff member.

Our strategy is to keep our prices reasonable for our clients as that is predominately the whole point of outsourcing and this will allow you to scale.

Staff retention is of the utmost importance for any business (especially after spending all that time and money with your training) therefore

How to get started 1

We do our very best to look after your staff and keep them happy. We have implemented numerous things in our business model to make sure your staff enjoy coming to work.

It is important to note that – you need to think of your Virtual Assistant as your own staff member. It is your responsibility to train them and make sure they have work to be doing – It is our job to hold them accountable.

When you are ready to start please give me as much notice as possible as this will go a long way into finding the best-suited candidate possible.

Steps to Get Started


First, we will set up a time for us to learn about your business and assess your goals and needs. We will likewise answer any questions you may have about our company, our fees and what you should expect with outsourcing. This consultation may be a voice call, e-mail exchange, video conference or face-to-face meeting. If you plan to visit the Philippines, we welcome all potential clients to visit our office at any time.


Following our initial chat, we would love you to construct a detailed job description of the role in which you are looking to outsource. This information will go a long way in helping us source the best-suited candidate. At this stage expect to receive documentation which outlines our terms and conditions.


Once we understand your exact needs, we will review all our current applicants (who have passed testing) to see if any would be well suited to your position.
Candidates are screened and filtered daily to ensure we only deliver applicants of a high standard. All applicants are background and employment history checked and are required to do a series of testing which includes, written tests, speaking tests and scenario testing. Upon the successful completion of the examination, the applicants will be filmed to form a video resume. If we believe we have no suitable candidates at this time, we will create a unique campaign to ensure we can find someone well suited.


Our recruitment team will go through all prospective applicants and deliver you a folder of information for candidates that fit your specific job description. The folder will include a video resume of each applicant and all testing results (depending on the job description other tests may be given). You will receive by email, a form in which you can select the best-suited applicants in which you may like to interview. At this point, we request that you complete the form to schedule your interviews. If you don’t want to be involved in the hiring and trust our judgement, we can take care of the entire screening and selection process.


Interviews will be conducted by you, our HR and the prospective applicants using video conferencing. At this time, you have the opportunity to speak with the applicants to learn about them, what their experiences are and what they are looking for in a career. At the end of the interview, our HR will conclude the discussion to ask for your thoughts and whether you deem any of the applicants suitable. If you reach the stage, you are happy with your candidates we can proceed to the next step. If not, we will continue to search for applicants until you are satisfied.


Once you have identified the candidates, you wish to hire and selected a suitable start date we will forward all applicable paperwork. Included in this paperwork, you will find our invoice, all services are to be paid in advance. Upon the receipt of payment, we are ready to get set up.


After finalising the above, we will conduct an orientation day with your new team member, complete their employment documentation, assign the necessary office space, workstations and infrastructure so that they are ready to begin work.


Our Human relations and management team will closely support your staff to ensure your operations in our office run smoothly. We will check in with you from time to time and conduct quarterly reviews with your staff member and yourself to ensure things are on track. Your success is our success, so we will never stop working to help you succeed.

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