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Premier Outsourcing was founded in 2016 by George Psomas, an Australian businessman with over 30 years of experience providing insurance services to his client as an Insurance broker.

With the Challenges of finding and retaining staff in Australia, it was in 2014 when George First came to the Philippines, to source his own outsource staff for his insurance brokering and accounting firm.

Seeing and reaping the benefits such as reduced labour cost and growth in profit, that he made into a mission to share the advantages of outsourcing staff from the Philippines, mainly to insurance brokers in Australia and all other business owners who are facing the same struggles, that he founded Premier Outsourcing.

George Psomas


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We are a Specialized outsource staff for the insurance industry.
What sets us apart from other provider, is we don't just source the staff for you, we train and upskill your outsource staff for you, so you don't have to do anything.


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Build Your Outsource
Team in the Philippines

The most cost-effective Staffing Solution

Get Access to highly skilled workforce without costing a lot of money