Seat Leasing

If you already have your own company established in the Philippines and are just looking for a suitable office place for them to work from then seat leasing may be for you.

Renting an office in the Philippines can be costly, and the ongoing expenses are surprisingly expensive. Seat leasing is an excellent alternative to renting or buying your own office space, with a significantly reduced risk factor.

We provide the workspace, the equipment, some software, the utilities, the internet connection and all you do is contribute a small fee towards our ongoing expenses.

Your welcome to bring along your own staff members, or if required we can do the recruitment for you.

With our basic seat leasing option – you will be required to manage your staff, the HR, employment contracts and payroll, essentially we are just providing them with a place to work.

Tap into our current infrastructure

There is no need to sign any lengthy contracts

Fees are cheaper as the costs are shared.

We operate 24/7

Your staff be working together to form a team bond.

You do not need to commit to a lease on office space

We have multiple internet lines which you have better.

You retain full control of your staff

We have full-time IT staff whom can assist if there are issues.

No lengthy lock-in contracts.